There are nearly 4.7 mln disabled people in Poland. This is huge and very diverse group that needs various methods of effective help. Our aim is to support activity in the labour market and in the society of the people with physical and mental disabilities. We want them to be equal members of the society, to know their rights and how to exercise them. Since 2006 we have run nikifors project for talented artists with mental disabilities. The main objective of the program is to support self-development of artist, their talents and their integration with the society. We as well promote art therapy as an effective rehabilitation method.


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Total number of 1000 artists from over 300 occupational therapy workshops from all over the Poland took part in “World of nikifors” annual art competition . Patron of the competition is nikifor disabled artist totally dedicated to art. Every year about 10 laureates together with their carers take part in professional art workshops in the plein-air manor of Warsaw Fine Arts Academy in Dluzew. We organised several exhibitions and auctions of our disabled artists’ works. We also prepare selections of Christmas cards. Since March 2014 there is a permanent exhibition of Nikifors’ paintings in Centre of Oncology in Warsaw.

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