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Nearly 2 million children in Poland live in poverty. In Warsaw there is an estimated number of 15 000 children living on the street. Our long term Partnership for Children program is an answer to this huge social problem. It aims to help children and youth in difficult family situations. We identify them, help them to catch up with school, grow their self-confidence, improve their talents and skills by taking them from the street to the children day club. We want children defined as “difficult” to finish school and develop their passions. Thanks to “Światoteka” day clubs they can spend their free time in a safe and creative way. To support development of our children and improve their behaviour at school, at home and with peers we offer them scholarships and various after school activities: private tutoring, language courses, leisure time activities, sociotherapy. After school activities are part of the Partnership for Children of Praga Południe District program – The Local Support System.

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